(production in research - coming 2023)

Conception & Choreography: Léa Thomen

Choreography Assistant : N.N

Productionmanager: N.N

Dancer: N.N

Dramaturgie: N.N
Setdesign: Xavier Thomen

Light: N.N

Lenght: ca. 50 Min

Starting point

My body is gold. Right? You body is gold? don't you think so?

What 's make my body gold? What makes your body gold?

What if my body was the most valuable matter right now?

What if you body was the most valuable matter right now?

What would I or would you do?

The time goes always in spiral and forward. The body renew itself ever single moment of the day.

The nature is part of my body and your body. My body and your body is part of the nature and through it I or you could feel universal, monumental, immense. How do you feel right now?



Research #1 - January/March 2021

Tanzunplugged Winterthur - tanzinwinterthur - March/April 2021

Research #2 - November/December 2021


Supported by the Kulturstiftung Thurgau

Edition Project - coming 2022

Research video #1

Research video #2