Conception and Choreography: Léa Thomen and Linda Pilar Brodhag

Dance: Léa Thomen, Linda Pilar Brodhag, Lola Villegas Fragoso

Music: Antoine Arlot
Setdesign and Costumes: Xavier and Marie Thomen
Light: Olivier Irthum
Lenght: ca. 50 Min

„Plume de Nuit“ was created by the choreographic duo Léa Thomen (FR) and Linda Pilar Brodhag (DE). Together with Lola Villegas Fragoso (MX), they performed on the live music of Antoine Arlot (FR). Three Women drunk with solitude such as prisoners of ancestral history, thirsty from dissatisfied desires, cherished together an unique way of expression: Dancetheater. Between humour and raw postures, the choreographic archaeology plunges us into the depth of the internal night. This approach via improvisation suggests not to assert archetypes but to question them. Out of this abyss appears colours of utopias, gestures of women, body and reality.




A danced pilgrimage for the peace.

French-German choreographic piece in homage to the abolition of the borders, proposed by the HorizonVertical Dance Company, choreographed and interpreted by Léa Thomen (FR) et Linda Pilar Brodhag (DE).
"On the borders of Germany and France, the in-between landscape of Lorraine revels in the transcending experiences of territories. Engraved fragments and memories of tossed soils are upheaved on Europe’s rivers of blood.“ -
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Research process in homage to the work of Paul Klee.

Dance research by Léa Thomen (FR), music research by Loris Binot (Piano and Moog), Joseph Ramacci (Trumpet and Percussions) and Emilie Škrijelj (Accordion).

The research project of " The crowned Poet " put her focus on the practice of performing as if the performance was a painting itself: it transmits the painting through the danced movement. In homage to Paul Klee and his puppets, this research proposes an intimate relation between painting, drawing and a dance, which articulates around the birth of a character, at the same time an artist, a dancer, a traveler, a storyteller...
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